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Funerals end with burial or ashes. Both force the loved ones to accept the reality of death and bring mental closure. Both also allow us to reflect deeply on what it means to be human, to love, to be a relative, or to be a close friend. And both help with the grieving process by enabling us to experience our grief and deep sorrow in a positive way.

And just as funeral is a closure, ashes also need a closure. Ashes need a final disposition. They are often stored at home in an urn, buried in an urn, deposited in a columbarium (a building with niches where funeral urns are stored), scattered in water bodies or in a location frequented by the deceased, or handled in exotic ways.

We solve the problem of storing ashes in ‘perpetuity,’ by drawing oil portraits with the ashes of people and acrylic portraits with the ashes of your beloved pets.

A solution

Portraits drawn in cremation (or aquamation) ashes was conceived to mainly solve a problem associated with keeping ashes at home. One problem is that after the current occupant passes away, uninformed heirs having less connection with the urn may dispose of it. But when a portrait of the diseased is drawn in the ash and the portrait is captioned with an epitaphic description including name and dates of birth and death, and the description is followed by the phrase “Drawn in original cremation ash”, it becomes an heirloom for generations!

Another problem with urn-storing at home is the chance of damage from breakage. Another problem is that the religion of the departed may prescribe that ashes be not kept at home. Now you can ceremoniously handle the bulk of the ashes in prescribed ways but still keep a small portion at home in the form of a portrait!

Imagine the non-intrusive presence of your loved one in a life-like image drawn from what came from their very body!

Ashpic.com provides quality portraits on canvas with oil paint bearing the cremation/aquamation ash of your loved one! Pets too!