How It works

Project Sequence
  • It starts with you. Visit the “Order” page and, well, place your order.
  • Email a picture – a high quality photo is recommended.
  • Within minutes you receive the instructions regarding the easy dispatch of a small quantity of the ashes.
  • Once the portrait is finished you receive a photo of the new portrait. Upon your approval, the portrait is dispatched to you by courier.

For portraits of pets, the dispatch of portrait is within three weeks of your approval of the portrait. For portraits of people, the dispatch is within seven months of approval.

There is a reason for the longer time to dispatch people portraits. The portraits of pets are done in acrylic on canvas; acrylic dries fast. We do people portraits in oil on canvas which takes a longer time to dry and then a varnish needs to be applied to preserve the portrait against humidity, dust and dirt. The varnish on the oil-on-canvas is ideally done after six months of the last strokes on the oil portrait.

Why we do the pets in Acrylic? We have found that it takes sometimes days to draw the likeness of a person’s face. Acrylic dries fast. It is difficult after several hours to make changes that might be necessary in the drawing of people’s faces on Acrylic.